World Peace Through Conscious Creation

Master Guide Kirael, through the loving mediumship of Kahu Fred Sterling 

Opening Statement

Good evening. Today we will discuss the process of consciously creating peace. You have come to the proverbial crossroads in life where you can believe you are a human being having a spiritual experience, or you can choose to recognize the truth of light, that you are a spirit having a human experience.  If you can see the difference between those two agendas, you can understand why you must make decisions based on the fact that you are one part of the whole. In your holographic universe, being one part of the whole makes you the whole.You know by the standards of quantum physics that a particle of energy automatically changes its appearance each time you look at it, depending upon the intent of the observer.

If you look at it again, it will change again, which must bring you to the conclusion that you are living in a world of change. Hence, those of you who may be holding onto the past will find yourselves almost immobile without the conscious awareness of your spirituality. To find peace, you must pierce the veils of separation and awaken your spirituality.Look at your brothers and sisters of the light world. Travel with us for just a moment, and let us see what the angelic presence is doing in preparation for your Great Shift in Consciousness.

The Angelic World

Close your eyes with me and imagine a force of beings who have no limits. Their journey unfolds moment to moment, and they forever attempt to bring love to the fullness of its source.The plans they make for you are designed to energize their love potential and merge it with all who are behind the veil. In essence, they are coming through the veils to you. They expecting that you will feel them. Only those of you who have chosen to be Lightworkers will feel them. They are penetrating the veils, extending their loving essence into your vibration in hopes that you will raise your vibration to match theirs. Let us look at the particle-ization of the human being. Each part of you is a particle of light. You are made of the same light that the angelic world is. The only difference is that you have chosen to veil yourselves in limitations. You have confined yourselves in a physical space of a body so that you may show your Creator your desire to create for it on this dimensional plane. 

Bridging the Gap

The angelic realm is preparing to bridge the gap between your world and theirs. They are not at a distance, my friends. Open your heart this moment and ask the angels to touch the strings of your heart. Like the strings of a harp, let them play their fingers across you and touch the essence of your experience. Just for the moment, let go of the fact that you are separated from them, for when you do, you will no longer see visions of the Earth. You will see visions of color. You will hear sounds deep inside you. You will feel as though you have joined the angel world, you have become one in unison with their love. They embody the Creator’s experience just as you do and you can find them by opening your heart energy.Let yourself unfold for the moment. Let go of being human and experience your light presence and you will not be able to feel where you end and they begin, because you will be enfolded in the angelic light. Let yourself fall into the light of the angels. Let yourself feel the presence of their beauty. Make no questions in your mind, just feel.For many of you, the experience was magnificent. For some of you, you thought, “I can feel it,” and I congratulate you. For the few of you who may have thought, “Not for me,” my heart cries for you because it is your “not for me” that allows you not to experience the greatness of who and what you are.

You Are Not an Earth Being

You are not an Earth being. You are the light of your Creator. You are anatomically pulled together by sounds and colors. Your vibration is your choosing to be in service to your Creator. You walk this Earth so that you may create in your own light what the Creator has put before you. You, my friends, each one, have become a force that can heal the Earth.You have brothers and sisters of light in many vibrations. I introduced you to one reality, and I will introduce you to another. They are the air breathers from below the waters. You refer to them as your whales and dolphins. You look upon them as beautiful mammals of the sea, when in truth they are light particles of an understanding that you can only fathom. They are beings of light that have come here in the greatest service you can imagine.As I have explained in Kirael Volume II: The Genesis Matrix, every time your Earth has shifted, a number of whales have stayed behind to go through all of the horrors that can happen in an unpopulated Earth, to stay the course and wait for the Creator to bring life back to the Earth. In their great brains, they stored the cumulative knowledge of the planet, to one day share it with a re-populated Earth. They have repeated this lonely vigil each time that the Earth has been de-populated. They have waited diligently for you to reappear, so that they could be your brothers and sisters of light.Today, they are waiting for the shifting process as they have never before, for this time they know you will travel through the Great Shift with them. My friends, they have stayed thousands, even millions, of years. Today, you have ships that go out to find these creatures so that the men aboard can kill these creatures, which are the lifeblood of the human world. They have lived their lives to be in service to you of the human world, and you turn them into perfumes. 

Peaceful Oceans, Peaceful World Meditation: Save the Whales and Dolphins 

Now at the end of this month on “The Great Shift with Fred Sterling” Live Internet Radio Broadcast, we will be doing a Peaceful Oceans, Peaceful World Meditation for these beautiful creatures of light. This is not a meditation for money or any other hidden agenda. This is a meditation of thankfulness for one of the greatest creatures ever to be aboard the planet Earth.These are your friends. These mammals, as you call them, are beyond any intelligence that you can decipher. They have done much for you, and you the Lightworker must stand and be counted.  Do not sit still for any harm intended to these great beings. Even if you feel you cannot save a single whale, don’t stand still for any harm to come to them. If you want to make this Shift the most beautiful light that has ever been, then get the whales on your side. They will tell you what will take place next, how you will feel, and how you can get through it.Oh, I know you are all looking for your great brethren and sisters from the galactic world to come onto the Earth plane and save you. Don’t forget that extraterrestrials are here on the planet now. They are called whales. They are called dolphins.Some of you may take issue with that, but the truth is they are not vibrating to your level. Some of you may think that somehow you know more than they do, when in truth, my friends, you in the human world use only 10% of your beautiful little brains, the whole of which is not much bigger than a softball. Compare that with your whale friends who have a brain bigger than your body, and it is being used 100%. Oh, they are lovely creatures of light.Now, let us talk about the dolphins, our beautiful sleek animals of the sea that race hither and thither around the world. While the whales have been diligently keeping memories of previous incarnations intact, and being the living, breathing archives of life, your dolphin friends have held love. They have held love on Mother Earth for all times past.

Dolphins: Unleashing the Power of Love

You say, “Well, that’s not so great, Master Kirael. Everybody loves.” No, my friends, when the world has come to a place – as it has today – where love has to be sought and is not the sole factor, you will see your dolphin friends more and more. They will call their mediums to them, and unleash the power of love on your planet. It will change you as you are changing this year.I said in December of last year, 2003 is the year of love. Who are the harbingers of light? Who will beseech you of the human world to awaken? They are here, rushing hither and yon around the Earth plane emitting love signals wherever they go.Prepare yourselves, my friends, for those of you who have found yourselves in the dimmed energy of the over-mastermind, you will find yourselves escalating like never before. You will find yourselves peaking in anger and discontent until you find that there is only one way out of it—to return to love.Your friends, the dolphins, will unleash love as they have in every incarnation since they became part of the Creator’s source of light. Allow me to take you back to ancient times when you lay upon the beach in your bronzed skin and saw Kono and Lono and all of the other energies that had been named after gods of light, and how they jumped from the water in celebration as you were shaking yourselves awake.As you were unfolding your beauty light into the human experience behind the veils, the dolphins jumped from the sea and laid upon the shores with you, and talked to you and nurtured you and brought you to a new life form until you could find the will to uncurl yourself, come out of the fetal position, stand on your legs, breathe your air, and walk on the planet of Earth.  Still, you on the Earth plane threaten them. Fear not, my friends. You will protect them. In this meditation coming up at the end of March, you will see a populace explode in remembrance and love. What more would you like than a memory constituted of love? I can’t imagine it getting any better.

Q: Master Kirael, how can Lightworkers consciously create peace? What would that process look like?

KIRAEL: Use the Ten Principles of Conscious Creation. The world just now understands these concepts, realizing that they can consciously create a world of peace through ten simple principlesWe the People will have already tried to make these principles difficult. They will have already tried to test them. Even in the trying, they will find an answer, for once they have made a commitment, the Principles will point out a new direction. Yet, consciously creating a peaceful world will only start when the Lightworkers gather. Start With Prayer

Q:  How do Lightworkers connect consciously in a collaboration of love energy?

KIRAEL:  It starts with prayer, my friends, the seventh principle of conscious creation. It starts with prayer. Now, many of you consider prayer a religious act. You must release that, and recognize prayer as your communication with the unseen forces of light. When you start with prayer, it leads you to the understanding that you cannot operate alone, because you are never alone. Through prayer, you open up your consciousness to another being, and another being opens up its consciousness to another, creating an expanding chain of beings united in a common intent.Allow your energies to rise in vibration. For some, you must will yourself into this vibration. It is not an effective prayer if you say the words with no passion. To pray and feel what you say is the only way you can make what you pray for a reality. You must feel the passion in the prayer. Prayers are not about length. You can say a five-word prayer if you like. Say, “I love myself enough to,” and stop right there, and let Creator Source finish the prayer for you.Just say the words and then stop and listen for a few seconds. Connect your heart into your mind and say in your mind’s eye, “I love myself enough to…” What word came to you? Whatever it was, that’s all you need at this moment; if it was a sentence, then hallelujah. If it was a word, then double hallelujah.What I am saying to you is when you connect your forces together, when you have the courage to love yourselves enough to be loved by another, to make the world a beautiful vibration for the Creator, you are creating.  Then you have achieved the loving aspect of being human outside of the veil, and there can be no more for you than that. Imagine being human and living outside of the veil. That is an unbelievably powerful thought.

Q:  Master Kirael, what do we say to someone who believes war is inevitable?

KIRAEL: You must begin today to change that perception. You must change it within yourself. Listen to me carefully – if you alone refuse to go to war, then I have done everything that I came here to the Earth plane to do.You say to me, “Well, Master Kirael, then it will just be somebody else going to war?” Yes, but eventually the particles of your thought intentions will unite, and spread their energies around the world.It will not be easy. It will require sitting down in the light of the Creator and deciding that a chance for peace and freedom exists, a chance to take that angry person and find out what his true anger is about.  If you find out what his anger is about, you will realize that he doesn’t feel you love him.You say, “Oh, that’s just too silly, Master Kirael.” It is not. He feels no love. If he doesn’t feel love, then on the Earth plane he can only feel the opposite. He can only feel hate. The less love he feels, the more hate he can feel. The more hate he can feel, the more damage he can do.Find out what made someone mad enough to go to war. Find out where Saddam Hussein and George Bush got hurt. Find out where their pain is and heal them. Healing will save the world. Healing is your answer. Start now. Don’t quit. Keep your Billion Person Peace Meditations flowing. Keep your whales and dolphins meditations flowing. Every time you have one, you enlist many more folks who will search for peace.My friends, when you have a billion people praying for peace, everyone will look for it. When everyone looks for it, they will find it.

Closing Statement

When you become cognizant of the fact that you are a light particle banded together in a conglomeration of thought energy, you also become aware that you live in a perfect reality which is shaped by the collective consciousness of human experience. The collective consciousness has been ruled for a long time by a source that is not of the highest light, and the part of the source which you are is the part that you no longer want to open yourself to.Yet, in order to discover what might be dimmed in your own world, you are wholly responsible to take the journey to inspect every aspect of your light. That being the case, what if it leads you into that over-mastermind which has permeated the entire force of human consciousness? Well, if you were to enter into it and hold your light the highest and the brightest, you would consciously connect more and more others to the source of evolution. You would enlighten the whole of your reality.You are light particles. Even the darkest of energies on your planet is a light particle. It has infused itself into a non-looking, non-bearing, non-questioning space. Hence, it leaves itself open to the slowness of the dimmed energy.When you become enlightened, you become personified in light, you feel a vibration that causes question after question, a need to find out more, desire which is insatiable. That is what a Lightworker looks like – an insatiable desire to spread its light so it can find more light, until it can tie itself into the whole of all light, until the light of dimness is merged and dissipated. Then the darkness becomes part of the light, and the light shines within it.What happened to the dim that was surrounding you? Has it moved away from you? No, it lit up all around you. Isn’t that a beautiful thought? That is how you piece it together, one heart at a time. There is your answer. 

Good evening. 

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