Cultivating the Sixth Sense

Master Guide Kirael through the mediumship of Kahu Fred Sterling

KIRAEL: I know you’re always moaning and groaning about being stuck over here as human.  I hope you can someday remember that you not only put in for it, but you begged for it.  Not only did you beg for it, but when you got it, you went strutting around with the rest of your light friends, saying, “Ha ha, I got me a journey; I got me a journey over to the Earth.  Of all places, I pulled Earth.” It’s similar to when you get in the military and get sent to Germany or some place like that.  Well, in the light world, when you find out that you will get your journey, before you settle in with all your guides and the loved ones of that arena, you strut about saying, “I got me an Earth journey, you know.  I’m going over there.  I’m going to learn all me lessons hopefully and have a grand time, and this time, guess what?   I’m not going to forget.”

If we in the guidance realm had faces, we’d smile, listening to you say, “I’m not going to forget.”  We know it’s just short of impossible not to forget.  When you come here, the first thing that happens is you pop out through mommy, take one look around at the world and try to tell the doctor something, and all that comes out through your mouth is “Waaa.”  Right then and there we’d lose most of you.  You'd head right back home saying, “I’m not doing that journey.  I forgot, but now I remember.” So, many of you put your veils on a little thicker sometimes than others.

I want to talk about the dimensional realities that are starting to focus on your Earth plane.  Once you come to the understanding that you come from an extremely powerful light source, you’ll understand that it is so powerful that, when you come here, you have to put those veils on.  In a sense, you feel a separation, not a separation between you and your Creator, but the separation between the veils and the different dimensions that occur in this one concurring force called Earth.

While you’re logging your time in the human experience, you hold yourself in fairly tight to the five senses.  You don’t remember to cultivate that sixth sense. Everybody asks me, “Well, Master Kirael, what exactly is the sixth sense?”  The sixth sense is a culmination of the other five senses working at peak capacity, causing visions to be clearer, sounds to be more in tune to the ear; everything becomes a higher vibration, giving you the sole opportunity to shift among these dimensions.

For instance, you can’t get into a conversation with your Elven1 friends if you hold onto your third-dimensional five senses.  You will use the five senses and pretend that you hear your Elven friends.  In truth, you’re suggesting that you hear them in your thought process.  Sometimes you think you can see them, but you’re not sure, because you hold onto the five senses.  When you blend all five of those senses and bring them up to the highest vibration you can, you slip through the dimensional process. Once you shift beyond that, you recognize that there is a point of no return.

This is for all me friends out there who want to be mediums and channels and such like that.  The point of no return occurs when you recognize that these other-world beings are right there with you.  You will realize that you’re not the only beings in the whole of the cosmos. These other-world beings are not traveling in some far off distant place.  You and they are part of this star system called the Milky Way, which has a powerful and bright sun star.  So, once you combine all your five senses, and raise them to their highest potential—now that is the key right there—you become sixth sense oriented and can expand into other realities.

Now, what is the number six?  In my numerology2, the number six stands for mastery. Is that not the mastery of all senses?  You say, “All senses, Master Guide Kirael?”  I say all senses that you can relate to, because you’re using a physical system to be here on the Earth plane.  The systems that you allow yourself, or your mind, to concentrate and focus on, are those first five senses.  Therefore, you feel a separation from your Creator and suggest that you are separated from the light, yet we all know that you’re not.  Those five senses are given to you so that you may use them to get through this planetary system you call Earth.

What does mastering those five senses mean?  For instance, there are those of you who think, “How do you perfect something like smelling?”  Get the medium [Kahu Fred Sterling] in a conversation some time and ask him what fear smells like.  Ask him what untruth smells like.  See, he’s mastered these things.  You might be chitchatting with him when you suddenly tell a shaded truth.  He doesn’t blink an eye. He keeps on speaking with you, but he smelled that untruth coming from you.  He runs it through his other four senses; he mixes the senses up, weaves them into the energy he wants, turns them up to his sixth light and then he knows why you’ve been out of truth with him. 

The whole of the process, me friends, is about mastering the senses.  So when I mention mastering a sense like taste, I am asking you to go beyond the third dimensional experience.  You think taste is just about eating or drinking.  However, I suggest that you drink your wine without putting it in your mouth.  If you “drink” it by inhaling it through your mouth and nose, you can taste the wine all through your cellular consciousness.  It is much better that way.  The taste sense is something that has a lot to do with your cellular awareness.  When you eat something, every mouthful you take sends a conscious message to your cellular consciousness to let it know what’s about to happen.

So now follow me, if you will.  If you inhale a cigarette, your whole body goes into a reactive force.  A reactive force is what happens when the cellular consciousness abides within its own conscious awareness and sends out a signal to beware, because something is coming in that is foreign to the system with which you were designed to manifest your world. 

When you take a bite of food and you think thoughts such as, “Oh, I shouldn’t be eating this,” your whole cellular consciousness says, “Uh-oh, here we go.  Everybody get ready, he’s doing something he shouldn’t be doing.  We’ve got to reset and block this thing up a little bit.”  If you’re eating a piece of broccoli and, even if you know it’s really good for you, and you pop the broccoli in your mouth and say, “Oh God, I hate this stuff,” the whole body says, “Oh, oh, he hates the stuff.”  The whole cellular consciousness begins an awakening tribute to the mouthful that’s about to go down through the esophagus into the stomach.

The cellular consciousness has got a whole tribute of energy that it’s aligning to meet the broccoli when it gets to the stomach.  Here you are eating something that’s absolutely wonderful for you, yet having those negative thoughts.  The two of these, what goes on in your mouth and what goes on in your thoughts, become aware of each other. Oh, if you only knew how important your cellular consciousness is to you, you wouldn’t do the things you do to it, because every time you do something that isn’t in absolute lighted perfection, you set yourself up to work through another set of circumstances. 

Take the touch sense, for instance.  Do you understand that if you were to reach out and touch the back of the medium’s hand, you would blend your energy with his?  His colors and his sounds would vibrate into you and make a special note of why you are touching him.  Your cellular consciousness would be saying, “Oh, I feel Master Guide Kirael,” and it would already be setting up to stay there as long as it could.  Understand that when you touch someone, like shaking hands, it is a perfect thing, because the two palms come together.  It’s even better when you hug each other.

When you hug somebody, don’t hug him unless you mean it, because the cellular consciousness from a hug is the exchange of love particles.  Those particles blend their energies to see what they can do to cause an “in-lightenment”3 for the pair who are hugging.  The energy goes into the person you’re hugging, it searches for his love particles and tries to cause a dance of the cellular memory.  Never hug unless you mean it, because the dance causes the local brain4 to vibrate into the omni brain and then the omni brain vibrates, because love is experienced by two sets of cellular consciousness.

You say, “Is this for everybody or just for spiritualists?”  This is true for everybody.  That’s why a lot of people don’t like to hug.  It’s too intimate for most people.  They run from it, especially those folks who live in the matrix.  They tell you things like, “I don’t like that hugging thing; it’s all gushy and girly.”

This whole “project” takes place from the simplicity of a hug.  If you’re feeling just a wee bit down, don’t be afraid to ask for a hug.  When you ask for the hug, take it in, because when you ask someone for a hug, that person becomes the initiator of the exchange of love particles or love energy.  The energy pours out of the initiator into you and the dance begins. That’s why you will automatically feel better after you get hugged.  Why do you think that when you were a baby, you just loved to be cuddled in your mommy’s arms?  It’s because she was giving you love.  You were receiving it and you were in bliss, because when that omni brain ignites, things happen throughout your system.

Now, hopefully, you see what I mean when I speak of mastering all five of these senses.  You tune them into that sixth sense, or mastery.  When you master that, you expand your awareness and reach into other realities, other dimensions, and your world opens up the portals to everything that you’re looking for. 


[1] Elven refers to a fifteenth dimensional society based on Goddess love.

[2] See for Kirael’s numerology, which goes from one through nine – creation to completion.

[3] This word means to cause light to enter into. 

[4] The local brain refers to the ten percent of our brain that we use all the time.  The omni brain refers to the ninety percent of the brain that scientists claim we do not use.  Kirael says it is the ninety percent or omni brain that holds the information relegated to the sixth sense

 © 2005 Fred Sterling


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