Master Guide Kirael on Passion

Master Guide Kirael through the mediumship of Kahu Fred Sterling 

To talk about passion, we must first discover from where passion emanates.  Let’s start by looking at the passion that created your world and those who inhabit it.

To do so, my friends, we must go way back to a point when time did not exist.  We must go back into a space where the simplest forms of energy were known as particles of light.

In the beginning, they floated aimlessly, for the pleasure of being the Creator was all that seemed necessary.  Then it happened.  One particle touched another and the result was a form of collective energy.  They moved together in a luminous fashion, enjoying all the possibilities this union could conceive.  When this journey seemed to be as complete as possible, a third particle joined and the trinity concept was born.

At that very moment, love became a reality.  From that moment on, passion became the guide for remembering love.  When the word love is spoken through the vibration of the voice and connected with the fullness of heart energy, one witnesses the reality known as the trinity of Truth, Trust, and Passion.  One day, this will be understood as the reality force of all evolving societies. 

The Creator, simply having the desire to create, allowed particles to become so dense that sun-star systems developed.  I say “sun-star” because this is the order the Creator had chosen.  First came planets, then life, which, in the Creator’s own creation, allowed it to experience all it created.  With that, evolution was born, and the possibility to play it out in one of the most masterful plans ever conceived.

This is not a theory, my friends, but simply a way that the Creator chose to experience all it created.  As soon as one level of existence was complete, a new adventure came to pass.  Soon, life was on the verge of a complex explosion, beginning with an explosion of plant life and simple energies in what is known today as the animal kingdom.

In the Creator's infinite ability to create, it soon saw the necessity to create a part of itself in its own image to watch over what was coming into being.  Hence, as the Creator was a conglomerate of light particles, it chose to represent itself in the form of spirit light and at once guided the unfolding paradise.

Soon it was evident that, even in its vibrant light form, the Creator still felt limited.  Its limitations were based on the fact that it couldn’t fully appreciate its own creations, for it lacked the density to possess that which had come to be.

Thus, it was conceived that by intensifying its particle vibration further, it could form a colorful array of energy, which would become known as human.  The Creator found itself so impassioned in its ability to bring the best of all other worlds into being that it decided to make this human a five-sensory species.  Life, as you recognize it today, had begun.

The Creator's passion was so great then that it was evident a balance had to be created in order to experience love.  So it came to pass that the human was moved to sleep so deeply that from its being was born the most complete energy—the emotional passion, which would forever balance the male energy.  Thus, the female began its journey.

This brings us to the passion each of you might choose to live in today, whether it is passion to be part of this creation or the ability to experience the true meaning of love.  The Creator has allowed each of the essential parts, or higher selves, of its being to journey through all it has created.  When an essential self knows how to be an evolving spirit, it is allowed to express its passion by intensifying its particles to the vibration necessary to create human form.

Here, the human begins the journey to remember its fullness of light by journeying through all potential experiences to understand its true source, love.  It is impassioned in its quest to heal back into love as though it has in some way been separated.  Truly, no gap exists, save that which it perceives.  Yet the full experience in this human form is to embrace the awakening to one’s true Source, and that, my friends, is the assurance that each of you on this planet is in fact an aspect of this all-powerful Creator.  This should offer clarity to the words brother and sister.

Passion, my friends, is the simplicity of desiring the best outcome in every endeavor you are fortunate enough to have in your life plan.  Passion is the force that assures each his or her return to the Light of the Creator.  It matters only to the self the path one chooses.

Imagine a wondrous play you might attend.  Notice how the star actor follows the director’s direction.  The director is chosen by the script developer to be in charge of the play.  A star, a director, and a scriptwriter are what it takes to make the perfect play.  What if, my friends, this was all life was about?  Your life is a play written, directed, and starred in by a single entity:  you.

Therefore, have the passion to create the perfect outcome in everything you endeavor.  Don’t settle for your play to be controlled by some far-off mastermind energy.  Use the same passion your Creator used to make your journey the most it can be. 

Be the creator of your own life.  Let passion rule your every desire.  Begin life anew this moment.  If you drink life from the Source and take every experience to the limit, I assure you, you shall never have to repeat a single instance.  Life will be a joy, and in this, you will feel the passion from which you were born. 

Good evening.

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