The Miracles Awaken Within: Evolving with the Ten Principles of Consciously Creating

Master Guide Kirael, through the mediumship of Kahu Fred Sterling 

KIRAEL:  The medium has called upon me to speak of the Ten Principles of Consciously Creating, which you have so graciously allowed me to bring to this Earth plane.  Sometimes I think I should eliminate the word “the” and change the order of the words, making it “Conscious Ten Principles of Creating.”  I’ve brought these Principles onto your Earth plane because over the last few thousand years, I have watched you unfold based on a lot of “thou shalt nots.” 

I like to think of the Principles as the ten “thou shalls.”  Although there are ten Principles of Consciously Creating, you often look to the last four—Prayer, Meditation, Sleepstate Programming and Masterminding—as the vehicles for changing your life.  Understand that you needn’t bother to attempt to master the last four Principles until you are fully aware of the first six.  You see, I presented the Principles in the order in which they were needed on your Earth plane.  I started with the beautiful light of Truth.

My friends, you are beings who cannot tell an untruth without a certain amount of suffering.  Those of you who have decided that truth is a nice composite of energy that helps you feel better about the world in which you live are far off the mark.  Truth is not a composite of energy.  It is the only force of light by which you can calibrate your willingness to live in the Light of Creator Force. 

Truth is the only energetic pattern that facilitates your understanding the weave of love.  You see, love cannot exist outside of truth.  You say, “Kirael, are you suggesting that if we don’t tell the truth, we can’t be in love?”  No, I am not suggesting it.  I am stating it emphatically.  You cannot experience love until you understand that truth is the only reality in which you can experience the wholeness of your Creator energy.  Let me simplify that.  When you know truth, you know Creator.  When you know Creator, you know self-ness.  Self-ness is living to experience the totality of the All That Is.

I heard the medium, in his most eloquent fashion, suggest that a leaf is a sculpture of the Creator.  Every leaf in its divine form knows only one fabric of light — that it’s a leaf.  That is its truth.  It doesn’t try to be the tree.  It doesn’t try to get something better than the leaf on the branch next to it.  It knows that it is the beauty of its own benevolent energy, that the gift of its leaf-ness, if you will, is that it experiences everything by its Creator’s Force.  It knows only truth and to know truth, my friends, is to fall in love again.  To know truth is the ability to focus on the very existence of your fabric, your vibrance.  In the journey of understanding truth, you come to this:  There is only truth. 


The Mind Lives to Experience Truth

The mind is a consciousness that lives to experience truth.  You surround yourself with the mind-consciousness and it imposes on you the diabolical presence of energetic formations that conjure or project themselves into the light of the future.  In other words, the mind always takes what’s in the Now and projects it into the future.  It does not focus on the formalities of truth; instead, the mind-consciousness projects the “what ifs” into light.  It knows no outcome, nor does it have a desire to know an outcome.  It reaches for its counterpart, the ego. 

 Now, the ego speaks no truth at all.  Ego is the presence by which your conscious awareness measures its ability to protect you.  In other words, the ego knows no part of truth, because the ego is trying to protect you from doing what you’ve already done.  If you believe your life is a mess, it is not because it is actually a mess, but because everything you’ve done has manifested that way.  Whether you want to admit it or not, you all have done bad deeds in your lifetime.  You cannot undo what you’ve done.  Yet don’t you sometimes get a funny feeling, like acid pumping into your stomach, when you have the thought of a past bad deed?  That horrible thing you remember doing makes you cringe inside.  You hold onto that “bad” memory and you exist because of it.  That is the way life is lived until you express your reality from truth. 

The truth is that the so-called bad deed was something that needed to be done in the moment, something that helped you catapult your life into a new expression of love.  In truth, everything that has taken place has the absolute ability to find love. 

My friends, truth is the one undying force that has no opposite, and that can only mean that if you come from truth, you will find love.  No greater experience of being a hue-man, color-man, color-woman, exists than to find love, and you will not find love without the truth.

So you will have to choose.  You’ll have to choose which particle of truth you want to express.  Let me remind you that in order to find love in this life, you must find truth at its highest.  I’m not talking about truth that deals with the everyday white lies you tell.  I’m talking about understanding truth as the vibrational weave of love.  There cannot be truth without love.  Love at its highest is not the love between you and your boyfriend, or your husband, or whatever.  Love at its highest is the truth of being human, understanding what a great experience it is, knowing how much love you can find when you get on the path of love.  If you want to find out what love is on this plane of consciousness, find truth.

When you find truth, you will weave yourself into the everlasting light of love.  You’ll not be sitting around wondering how long you’re going to be here on the Earth plane.  You see, you can’t live to be seventy, eighty, or any age.  You can only live in the moment, and in that moment, you discover the truth, and that’s a gift because it’s the experience of love.  If you tarnish the truth, if you break away from it, cover it, and mask it with untruths, you will not find love.  Untruth is not the opposite of truth, by the way.  Untruth is not the same as a lie.  Untruth is the inability to awaken to the full flavor of what the God Creator will allow you to be.


Truth Creates Its Own Passion

The Creator doesn’t give you anything.  The Creator allows you to be truth, and to be it, you must understand this beautiful love.  The Principle of Truth is part of the Trinity of Truth, Trust and Passion.  Truth creates its own passion.  Trust is personal.  You cannot trust anyone else.  You must trust your own ability to see truth and to stay in that beautiful energy.  If you know someone who is not being in truth, stay away from him, or he will drag you into his untruths.  When faced with someone who is outside of truth, who doesn’t live in that Principle of light, know that he is really shunning the light of love, and then move away.  Your Earth plane is so woven into the matrix weave that it has the tendency to feel better in the dark than it does in the light. 

More of your friends are in the dark than are in the light.  More of the human consciousness wavers and hides among the weave of violence and disharmony than stands up and says, “I will speak me truth in all encounters.”  When you speak the truth in all encounters, me friends, you become one with the self.  You don’t look to your ego.  Your mind does not go to the future.  You know that you are celebrating life in the moment, and in that moment, you are discovering your wisdom of love.  The wisdom of love is the most dynamic expression that a hue-man, hue-woman could ever become.  The wisdom of love is the essence, the deepest knowing of love, not love between man and woman, me friends, but the love of self, honoring your being-ness.

Think about Trust, Passion, Communication, Clarity, Completion, Meditation, Prayer, Sleepstate Programming, and Masterminding.  None of these Principles can come to light for you, not one of them can be felt by you, until you master the Principle of Truth.  Sleepstate programming moves you outside of the confines of your third-dimensional manner of learning and communicating.  You’re born into this consciousness in the purity of love, me friends.  At the age of about one or two, when you learn language, you learn how to forget love.  As you grow and listen to your mom, dad, grandparents, school teachers, politicians, and religious leaders, you learn how to eradicate the feeling of love from your system.  You forget to be in love.  The love between a mother and child is close to the love I’m talking about, but it is not that love.  I’m talking about the purity of love.

The beginning chapters of the Bible speak about war and famine and killing and raping and pillaging.  I look at those chapters and no matter how I try, I just can’t find love.  I’ve come to the greater clarity that that book was obscured, changed, by the people who heard the words of the speaker and then interpreted those words from a particular point of view.  The listener hears through his ego in order to project what he hears into the written word, and so what you have — and this is true of most so-called historical books — is the projection of the ego-driven self, the interpreter of that which is spoken.  As one example, a popular quote from the Bible is “Let he who is without sin cast the first stone,” or something like that.  The way it was actually written is “Cast ye not the first stone unless your breast is clear.”  That’s a good example of how the listener changes what is heard, not necessarily intentionally, but because he hears from the ego-driven self. 


Speaking Truth through Clarity

The Principles are interactive, interwoven.  They exist as a unit and not in isolation.  Let’s take the Principles of Clarity, Trust and Passion, for example.  So often you speak to hear yourselves speak, and in doing so, you intentionally muddy the waters because you don’t have the slightest idea of what you want to say.  You use subterfuge so that clarity cannot exist in your speech.  So, if you want to speak in clarity, you’ve got to take the subterfuge out.  You have to be in truth.  When you are in the midst of non-clarity, stop and correct yourself.  Say, “You know what?  I started out to say something and I’ve completely lost track of it and if I keep rambling on, I will have no clarity and we will never know what we’re talking about.”  To acknowledge your non-clarity and pull yourself back into truth takes courage, and to have that kind of courage, you’ve got to have trust.

What is Trust?  Trust is the ability to know.  When you know something, you don’t have to discount it.  Do not allow trust to become the factor by which you guide the circumference of your light—until you know what you know.  The circumference of your light refers to its outer edges, which are filled with the chaotic expression of the unified force of your inner being-ness.  If you use trust to guide you in that chaotic atmosphere, you will not find your knowingness.  You cannot allow trust to guide what you know.  You must know that you know and in that lies the trust.

Passion is a product of your inner being-ness.  Your inner being-ness is not conjecture.  It is not a plausible energetic forum.  Your inner being-ness is the simplicity of passion.  Your focus is created from your passion.  Look at this passion not as something that makes you feel good, or want more, or stand up and be counted, but as the brilliant light that forms the very core of your expression.  When you can see passion at the very core of your expression, then you know that all of the other Principles are in alignment, because you can feel the presence of your knowing beyond the reality focus by which all exists. 

I am being a bit fanciful with you tonight, but give me an opportunity to spend an hour with you on just one Principle and I’ll show you why you’d never start out on a project without a huge and glorified prayer.  You don’t pray, my friends, to hear yourself pray.  You don’t pray so somebody can say, “Oh, what a nice lad he is because he prays.”  If you don’t pray, then you don’t care if you get the best possible outcome.  If you do pray, then you want the best possible outcome.  You all have ego, and you use your ego to discount anything I say that you don’t like.  Live your life in the manner you want to live it.  Live it without prayer and you live it on about half of what you could possibly have.  Choose whichever one you want, prayer or no prayer.  Don’t pray because you’re afraid.  I suggest to you, you are the matrix.  If you’ve come here to be the matrix, then I’m in the wrong league of light.  I came here to be in light and in love with those people who love me medium and the things that we talk about, and those are the only people I want to talk to.


Speaking from the "I"

Some of you out there think that Communication, which is one of the Principles, is about stringing together words so that you can cause a picture in someone’s mind.  You think that from that picture, the listener will be able to discern what it is she wants to do with the rest of her life.  The truth is that she doesn’t care what you are saying.  If you are using ten words to express something that should be done in three, you are taking away from the power of communication.  Communication should be woven into a pattern that allows you to use only the words that will impact the projection of the subject with which you are about to in-lighten the higher self-ness.   Communication is how you share your experience of this journey.  In communication, you do not try to move someone else into your journey.  Instead, you share how your journey is focused by speaking from the “I.”  You see, from the “I,” you can in no way, shape or form, allow someone else’s journey to have a thread within your own.

When you are communicating, such as the medium communicates to the world, it isn’t about how long you can talk, but about what you say while you’re talking.  What you say must be derivative of the “I,” because, if you are speaking from the “I,” then you are speaking to the “I,” and so you are in the “I.”  The highest form of communication happens when more than one particle of expression is operating from the “I” presence.  The particles see the cohesion.  They see that part which allows you to be the “I” presence of the All That Is neither expanding nor contracting.

Now, if you want to communicate with someone, communicate on a level that you, the “I,” understand.  Don’t communicate on a level that the other person will not comprehend.  If you do, you will speak down to the person.  Instead, speak on the other’s level, understanding that you are the other, and the person listening to you is a beautiful reflection, your mirror.  The teacher who says, “I’ve got to speak over their heads or they are not going to pay me next week,” should rethink why she’s teaching.  If she’s teaching for a paycheck, or to prove how intelligent she is, then she’s not teaching a darn thing, and that’s true whether it’s kindergarten, first grade, second grade, whatever.  To that teacher I say open yourself to the Creator’s Love, and in love, find out what you’re doing in the classroom to begin with.  You’re there to communicate. 

Communication doesn’t happen on just one level.  You must reach the person with whom you’re communicating.  If you’re a teacher, communicate to reach those who are hungry to learn and you will also reach those who are not.  Communicate with clarity.   To the students I say:  If you’re going to school only because you want a degree, you’re wasting your time.  Don’t go to school only to get a degree.  Go there to learn.  Find the professor who’ll talk to you, not above you, and if you find what he’s saying isn’t important, look in the mirror, young one, because if he or she is coming from the “I,” then he or she has got a great lesson to teach.

Communication happens on the level — the “I” presence level of all light.  When you open your heart and communicate from your “I-ness,” you know that you’re communicating on a level that doesn’t require a long string of words.  You need only communicate in the force where love is constant—in truth—and don’t ever move away from it.  My friends, you have the ability to see the light of love.

I have been talking about things that are just the basics of learning the Principles.  Whenever you speak, tell the truth.  Communicate in short sentences as you search for clarity. 


 Masterminding through Truth and Love

The final Principle is Masterminding.  Masterminding is the act of creating a collective consciousness focused on manifesting a particular reality focus.  This collective consciousness can include physical humans, human higher selves, angels, guides, and other unseen forces of light. 

When you are in the process of creating a mastermind, first realize that the mastermind has to come out of the “I,” because without the “I,” you can’t have truth, and without the truth, you can’t have love, and without love, you can’t mastermind.

You see, most humans are of the opinion that if you hold something in the mind of consciousness, you can somehow visualize your thought and create it to be.  However, the only way the mastermind works is if you are in truth.  When you’re fully engaged in the truth, you are engaged in love.  If you want to manifest anything on the Earth plane, you must come to this most profound reality:  Nothing will become manifest until it becomes “I,” which is love, and love is the reality by which you manifest anything.  If you’re truly in the mastermind statement, you are not conjuring up a lot of visions about having a new car, and a new house.  They can come later on.  First, you must look at the presence of love, which is all of who you are.

You are a thought form of energetic projection, a projection that starts out in the force field, if you will.  In that projection, you limit the self.  By limiting the self, you cause the projection to take a shape, and the shape that you take is the reality focus of the physical consciousness of light, in your case, a human body.  Hence, if you want something from a mastermind, then first you must discover what love that mastermind will bring into your life.  You start from the basis of love.  I repeat, when you begin the reality focus of a mastermind, you must first discover what the love is that connects you to the mastermind projection.  Remember, you are playing on a fine wire here.  You are playing on the wire of the finite, because when you’re thinking about masterminding, you’re projecting something into the future.  What your Lemurian friends hadn’t gotten around to telling you is that through the art of denjé (the ancient art of feng shui of the self), you manifest within the emotion of the self.  The emotion of the self is the basis by which you will manifest any mastermind reality.

Yet you cannot ignite or invoke the emotion without creating the form of love that is the consciousness of the Creator.  The e-motion is what you bring to the reality focus that causes the particles to search for a trance-like energy force.  A trance-like energy force is something that your mind has literally conjured in the form of a picture and has set out before the higher presence of the self, “I.”  The “I” then gathers that force and controls the mastermind energies that will enforce the creation on all the levels of consciously creating.  

Truth is the bi-energy of all that exists.  When I say the bi-energy, I’m talking about the energy that cannot go into duality.  The bi-energy fills everything and this bi-energy is the point where love becomes the focus.  When love becomes the focus, I AM is present.  If I AM is present, then whatever you have conceived has the ability of comprehension, or a new form of enlisting the senses to do the journey.  Now, you need only step onto the path of love.  You will not manifest one mastermind that is outside of love.  You must figure out how to get the love into the mastermind. 

Those of you who are masterminding a certain thing in your life and have yet to draw in the world of truth, the love of experiencing, you’ll not have too much success at manifesting your desires.  You can manifest the desire of your mastermind as soon as you find the love in it.  For instance, if you have instant manifestation—you think of something you wanted today and it happened today—that means that whatever you thought, you thought with the emotion of love.

 Most of you will counterbalance your love with the ego-driven portions of your own understanding, because love to the human world does not have the purity needed to elicit the power and strength to manifest.  You always send your energy into the outer perimeters, causing a perverse energy to reflect back to you.  What if you didn’t have to go through all the drama?  What if you could just love everything in your world that you decided was the truth?  The world would be a beautiful reflection of you.  


Closing Statement

Have the courage to test the Principles.  If they are not what I say they are, don’t listen to me speak another word.  I am confident that the Principles are what I say they are and I am inviting you to go to the medium’s class which will be coming soon. 

The Principles will allow you to understand that you are love, and love is the Principle from which all Principles are written.  The Ten Principles of Consciously Creating will help you fall in love again, not with your boyfriend or your girlfriend, not even with your Creator.  They will help you fall in love with “I.”  “I” is the answer, and there will never be a better thing to fall in love with.  Master these Principles and you will change the world.

©Kahu Fred Sterling

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