The Ancient Art of Denje, Living in the I

By Kahu Fred Sterling, 

The deepest part of feng shui dates back to Lemuria and was called denjé.  Denjé disappeared after Atlantean times, and is the missing link to full balance.  It addresses the alignment of the four bodies to complement the harmony in one’s environment created by feng shui.   Often after our environment is feng shui-ed, we do not maintain the balance.  Until we balance our soul, there’s a good chance that feng shui won’t take root.  Denjé is about feng shui­-ing the soul—the mind, the heart, the four bodies, the five senses—bringing them collectively into alignment to keep your physical environment from becoming disorderly.  When juxtaposed, the relationship between feng shui and denjé is evident.  Feng shui addresses nine energetic areas in your environment—wealth, career, relationship, etc.—areas found on the feng shui bagua or map.  We used the feng shui bagua to devise a denjé bagua, mirroring the nine energetic areas.  The denjé bagua differs in that the four bodies—physical, emotional, mental and spiritual—are found on its outer corners.


The three basic rules of feng shui correlate to those of denjé.  For example, the rule of clutter in feng shui, relates, in denjé, to the four bodies; the feng shui rule of being surrounded by things you love, relates, in denjé, to putting yourself first, and the feng shui rule of paying attention to the art on your walls, relates, in denjé, to the fact that what your eyes take in affects your cellular consciousness.

The three pillars of feng shui (entrance, stove, and power position) also correlate to the three pillars of denjé, where the entrance is the heart, the stove is the brain, and the power position resides in the self.

Since denjé balances the soul, which we cannot physically manipulate, we developed a meditation to take you into what we call the denjé sanctuary of healing, a room patterned after the denjé bagua.  In essence, the denjé sanctuary of healing is woven into the denjé bagua.  This meditation is a tool to help you denjé your body, your self. 

We also found a sigil or symbol associated with denjé.  The sigil of denjé connects the Lemurian numerology to the full understanding of this ancient art.

Finally, we created a Denjé Creed, which helps you focus your thoughts for the day.

In practice, denjé creates inner balance by reducing fear.  Lemurian society had little awareness of the word, “fear.”  Everything was based in love.  The Lemurian reality was denjé, meaning it broke down the fears we have accepted as part of our world.  Denjé encourages you to speak from the “I,” thus eliminating the word “you,” which is not used in denjé.  In conversation, the word “you” brings us to the balance of duality where we bounce back and forth.  In order to find the true meaning of balance in speech, we must denjé the “you,” which brings us to the balance of “I.”  “I” is the balance to everything. 

In the “I,” we realize that we can no longer attack anyone.  If we attack, we will attack the “I” of me.  It is like attacking yourself.  Denjé makes you aware that you and I are one.  You are “I” and I am “I.”  When you have a disagreement with someone, or you’re involved in a negotiation and you’re getting nowhere, it’s probably because you’re saying to the other person, “You don’t get it,” or “You don’t understand,” or “You’re not looking at the whole picture.”  In other words, you’ve put the emphasis on the other person.  The minute we say, “I,” the first thought we express in words is focused on ourselves.  For instance, “I’m not being clear enough to help you see what I’m seeing.  Let me try again to express what I’ve been telling you and see if I can put it into a better perspective, so I will understand how it is that I am not communicating.”  In this way, the emphasis is on “I,” which means that we take responsibility for our own journey.  Denjé is the culmination of the Ten Principles of Consciously Creating, bringing everything into alignment in the universal light of “I.”  

Let’s push beyond our fears, beyond what we think we cannot do, and go into a new experience called, “can do.”  Denjé is designed to disperse the particles of our veils or fears, so we can reshape our lives.  With such a vast reduction in fear, more possibilities open to us in our journey. 

We have only touched the tip of the iceberg with denjé.  As we continue to uncover this ancient art, the possibility of peace lies in the balance. 

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