Spiritual Seekers: Communications Between Worlds

June 14, 2017 - 2:00pm Hawaii Time 

In the last month I did a number of private Kirael sessions for spiritual seekers wanting to deepen their life purpose

during this Great Shift in Consciousness.  Moreover seeking guidance from a 7th dimensional guide on how to best navigate their way through tumultuous times as planet earth shifts from a patriarchal to matriarchal society.

I am so touched to learn that many are listening to my Spiritual Seekers webinar. This monthly program is made possible by your monetary donation to the Honolulu Church of Light.

Though I truly understand not all of you can afford to join the monthly Conscious Creators webinar, have a private Kahu Fred healing message or a Kirael session, it is so gratifying to know many are listening to my Spiritual Seekers program for guidance.

This month I will be concentrating on ways to communicate to gain clarity and completions in life.  It is so imperative we all understand the value of communicating in truth.  For the better part of my life I always felt it was important to add humor in speaking my truth. I found that it was not a fully effective way to be taken seriously.

If we spiritual seekers are serious about raising our conscious awareness to age our soul, we must begin to take notice how we communicate with one another and with our spirit guides from other realm of reality like guardian angels. One very important thing to consider, if you are not getting what you want in life, you have not effectively communicated it in love to yourself and to your spirit guides.

Just recently, I was in a team meeting discussing the components of the “5 Prana Breath Self Healing Meditation”.  I thought my written instructions were very clear. To my dismay, it wasn’t to the readers.  In the long process of bringing clarity to produce completion I realized at a new level how transformative and powerful this meditation truly is.

Tune in this day to get a new understanding of the importance of communicating from the space of love and open new portals of communication to better improve your life journey.

Kahu Fred Sterling


June 14, 2017
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