Conscious Creators: New Pathways to Contacting Other Worlds

Without a Channel or a Medium
June 28, 2017

Master Guide Kirael hinted that it is time to explore other ways of communicating with other realms of consciousness without a medium or a channel

of a human kind. How do you suppose this made me feel? After all, I became the medium for Master Guide Kirael and have dedicated my soul to this experience since 1989.  How will it change my current journey? Will this end my a long and loving connection between the spirit world and me?

Here is Master Guide Kirael’s reply via automatic writing:

Good evening, let me reassure everyone the relationship between me and my medium is in no jeopardy. What I have said, in the past, is it is time to begin to commit the worlds between your planet and many other forms of consciousness and thereby let them begin to communicate with each other.

I think Kirael is right.  It is time to consider other forms of communication to better improve our living conditions during the shifting process of moving our thought consciousness from the 3rd to the 4th dimension.  Certainly we need new ways to access guidance on the personal level to endure the personal changes brought on by climate and political unrest.

I invite you to reset your course for a new voyage. Tune in to this webinar program to expand your heart and mind to what else could be available to you as a Conscious Creator. Begin the work to prepare yourself to directly link to other state of consciousness to cause further healing in your world.

One example on how to prepare is to gather beneath the star filled sky, in small groups in love, made up of people that you trust. The intention as a “mastermind” and the “5 breath self healing meditation” technique will actually cause the voices from other worlds to be heard. Kirael will give guidance on how to link and communicate with benevolent beings willing to share knowledge that will help the evolutionary process of planet earth.

Take the time to think about this topic and the questions that come up for you.

Blessings…Kahu Fred Sterling (the exclusive medium for Master Guide Kirael of the 7th dimension)


Kahu Fred Sterling

Exclusive Medium for Master Guide Kirael of the 7th Dimension

What’s your question? Anytime before the day of the program email your questions to me at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

For the answers, tune in and connect live to hear Master Kirael speak about a phenomenal topic from his truth light essence as a Guardian of Developing Societies. Be prepared to open your heart, set your local brain aside, and let your omnibrain move your consciousness into the 4th dimension—the bridge into the fifth dimension—where answers to questions can be fully understood.  Listen, heal, and age your soul.


June 28, 2017 
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