Conscious Creators: Master The Trinity of Truth, Trust and Passion

August 30, 2017

 . . . the root of all 10 Principles of Consciously Creating

  • Have you ever wondered if you are living by your own truth or that of another?
  • Have you wondered if you ever felt the power of your trust?
  • Have you wondered if you ever felt the passion that can move mountains and create miracles for you?

Come join me for this exclusive hour and a half with Master Guide Kirael as he guides us through this trinity with your questions. To get the fullness of this event, read the first 3 chapters and prepare your questions.

“The 3 Keys are the basis upon which the spirit self prepares for an evolutionary human journey; The 3 Commitments are the tools you commit to using if you want to fully take advantage of the experience of being human. The 4 Pillars are the realms you work within once you realize that you are so much more than merely human, (i.e. you are a multi-dimension free spirit having a human experience”… Master Guide Kirael.

Kirael mentioned that a ‘big boom’ that could be happening for us. Be on the positive side of it. Prepare yourself by strengthen your core foundation for consciously creating in Love.

Like the 5 Breaths Self Healing Meditation and the 10 PCC is all about the healing steps to mastering self love which anchors the Love of the Creator within Self.

Take your next step and tune in live. I look forward being with you for this event as I once again honor my purpose on earth as the exclusive medium for Master Guide Kirael of the 7th dimension, guardian of developing society.



Kahu Fred Sterling
Exclusive Medium for Master Guide Kirael of the 7th Dimension

What’s your question? Anytime before the day of the program email your questions to me at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

For the answers, tune in and connect live to hear Master Kirael speak about a phenomenal topic from his truth light essence as a Guardian of Developing Societies. Be prepared to open your heart, set your local brain aside, and let your omnibrain move your consciousness into the 4th dimension—the bridge into the fifth dimension—where answers to questions can be fully understood.  Listen, heal, and age your soul.

August 30, 2017 
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