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August 23, 2017

CLARITY – 4th Principle To Self Mastery

Heal the separation from your needs, wants and wishes. Tune in for the free webinar “Ask Kahu”.

A special gift for truth seekers continues. Download your free 10 Principles of Consciously Creating e-book and read on. Join me this day for a lively discussion on how to take another step to rise above the control and confusion of the 3rd dimension. I am very interested on hearing your thoughts.

Without clarity, without the ability and the desire to know the fullness of the truth, there is no way you can trust the journey you are on. Without clarity created by truth, being guided by trust, you have absolutely zero passion.

Clarity is the 4th principle of consciously creating, and one of the 3 Commitments that guide our thoughts and actions in our daily life. The trinity of Truth, Trust, and Passion (3 Keys) are the basis upon which the spirit self prepares for an evolutionary human journey. Clarity, Communication and Completion (3 Commitments) are tools you commit to using if you want to fully take advantage of the experience of being human.

Heal and shift your life by taking your definition of Clarity to new levels of understanding.

Read the chapter on Clarity and meditate on it. Feel every cell in your body relate to this light. It is suppose to be a four-body agenda.

Tune in live to this webinar program and share your thoughts on this principle, Clarity and be prepared to find new ways of coming to grips with life altering possibilities. Looking forward to your shares.

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Kahu Fred Sterling


This Q&A Session will air on Wednesday of the week following the Spiritual Seeker Program and before the Conscious Creator Program.

Now there is even more opportunity to get your healing questions answered! 

August 23, 2017
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