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The Wisdom of Ancients

Master Guide Kirael through the mediumship of Kahu Fred Sterlingkahulemuriabook.jpg

This article is the second in a series of excerpts from Kirael: Lemurian Legacy for The Great Shift by Kahu Fred Sterling. With Kahu Sterling as his medium, Master Guide Kirael dictated chapter by chapter, creating a comprehensive book about the ancient continent of Lemuria and its wisdom.

Please note that Master Guide Kirael's use of the word "weave" refers to any pattern of thought that has been created by a level of consciousness. So, for example, our Earth plane consists of a number of weaves, including the mineral weave, the plant weave, the animal weave, the insect weave, and of course, the weave of human. Similarly, a human being is comprised of four bodies, or weaves: physical, emotional, mental and spiritual.

* * * * * * * * *

KIRAEL: Though learning was the basic responsibility of all Lemurian beings, it was also the wisdom of the Creator to install a certain group called "the ancients." With them the power to access the most notable periods of previous incarnations was levied. The reason was multi-folded, for nothing was to be wasted in this latest level of life.

These ancients were held in great esteem as the providers of thought provocation. Seldom did they give the entire lesson plan, for it was in their knowing that the beings of Lemuria would bring an even greater understanding of this information to light. In order to be considered an ancient, one must be able to travel back into incarnations proceeding Lemurian life--in fact preceding any form of life here on this one planet called Earth. The ancients had access all the way back to the first time that the Creator caused evolutionary beings to explore its Creation.

I'll not be dwelling on these periods, yet it seems important for the current beings to understand at least the basics of evolution to better contemplate the greatness of the Lemurian. It certainly would be grand to remember that much of their unfolding could cause even more grand clarity in your current awakening.

The ancients would remember that even on the Creator's first completion of this planet, it was seen that to experience it fully, a being of substance would be needed. In its wisdom the Creator saw fit to encourage the angelic form of life to attempt to experience what it had brought forth. It chose its most advanced forms of life, those who could draw forth the knowing to appear in a semi-solid state of being, and in this they would be encouraged to do the journey of entering into this realm and reporting back that which they would perceive.

The angels were so inspired by what they encountered that it was almost impossible to keep them present aboard planet Earth. Each time they experienced something like the plant weave giving forth a more beautiful flower, they felt the firm need to take this sighting back to their level of consciousness to share it with all of the others.

The Creator, in its infinite wisdom, finally asked the angels to fold their wings back and cease from making the journey back home. In fact the ancients of Lemuria would discover that the angels listened and did the bidding of the Creator so well, it was said that this level of consciousness eventually forgot it was capable of flight altogether.

Over time it was the merging of other life forms from other dimensions that would mix with these angelic beings and cause the world to have a more substantial life form. These latest beings were from a dimension that today is referred to as the Elven world. The reason I bring this forth is because it needs to be clear that the ancients of Lemuria had access to all levels of consciousness and had a great ability to weave the journey of these other races into the learning curves of the current-day Lemurian.

The Three Causes of Determined Evolution

One of these ancient beings was known as Mafu. It was his charge to be of service to the Lemurian councils to help them understand all of the predecessors to the evolutionary journey of discovery. To save time and space, it would be my pleasure to show you one of the first written edicts of the Lemurian period. Know that I will not be changing the meaning, yet I am obligated to use modern English to portray the meanings.

It serves time, as you would see it in the now, to look at some of the most ancient lores of your Earth to date. To understand the current shift that all life strands will face, it would make sense to understand that the Earth plane has undergone multiple shifts in the energy over many incarnations. In this light you might let the mind of your creator self indulge its natural knowing and see the purity of the shifting world. In the energy of the Creator, it does not seek the experience of all knowing or full flavor of completion. What it does look for is the final step to the one that will begin anew.

[Note: what follows is Mafu's edict, titled the "Three Causes of Determined Evolution." According to Mafu's instruction, this proclamation was to be studied by "the Lemurian council members who were charged with the equalization of harmonic lifespans of multiple-level thought beings."]


MAFU: In the certainty of creationism, one must always be willing to see the full scope of uncovering a new and everlasting myriad of streaming knowledge. The most central and pure strand that holds all relevant matter together in any weave of thought strands is that of a single particle strand known as Truth. It is the core vibration that causes the weaving of binding particles into a stream of everlasting notes and tones. Those tones, in turn, are the birth of colorful vibrations, and when spoken in this truth, will last for all patterning of time.

Truth is the key to knowledge, both remembered and yet to unfold. Without truth, the word and thought create a pattern of particles that form chaotic vibration. In this, the prospect of anxiety-driven thoughts are born. This form of fear, unlike being afraid of the unknown, becomes a construct of blurred colors, allowing particles to join freely without a single defined purpose.

As this indistinct pattern of color streams continues to form, confusion becomes the rule. In confusion, chaos is the rule. Without the core stream of truth, all is left to the interpretation of those sifting through the possibilities of aligned thoughts. In a light pattern not bound by the truth cord, a new formation of streams begins to emerge.

When truth is colored in any fashion, it becomes probability, and in the alluring world of possibility, each one directing or attempting to direct thought is left to be guided by the many thought patterns already woven into the weave by their predecessors. In short, a new form of direction begins to take shape. Left to continue without the truth cord, this energy actually takes on the thought calculation of its own. Its lure becomes that which the masses would like to think of as chance. In reality, it is simply recalling any significant historical memory, not fully deducing a specific time frame--whether it be current or from another lifespan--and it places this all into a current thought stream.

Without the core of the truth stream, it begins to weave its energy into the over-pattern consisting of random thought. Here, it can develop on its own accord, and one finds the unfolding lifespan at the bequest of that which it does not choose on a truly conscious level. Hence, the first rule of a councilmember is to create a truth stream prior to building any consciously creative thought. With the course set, all is fashioned by current desire and not from the chance encounter of facts.

All thought manifestation must result from the pure vibration of particles. In this, all that follows will be determined as relevant to evolution. Only when one consciously creates a core of truth vibration will they been deemed worthy of a definable teaching.

The act of causing a stream of truth particles can be accomplished by the evoking of a single particle at the level of the third eye. Consciously, it begins a stream of particles that will act as the core. In this nucleus of thought will be born the multiple particles of dialogue cast in the light of truth and will maintain a consistency of believable dissertation. Speak solely from this level, and all will become accustomed to believing each word you express, and in this the world unfolds to realism.


MAFU: The second cause of determined evolution might be called Trust. In your humble beginnings of developing the Lemurian heritage, here we ask you to hold fast to the knowing that trust must play a vast role in creating alignment in the world you have chosen to evolve in. Here is a chance to develop the principle of evolutionary beings that use what is referred to as "local brain" in concert with the "omni brain," thereby causing a pure mixture of the incarnate thinking and the limitless understanding of the clarity found in a more universal awareness.

Trust begins with the accepting of a source of light intelligence that is unseen to the third-dimensional perception. In realizing this connection of the two worlds of thought, knowing that these levels must always appear to act independently of each other ensures that no one feels as though their blueprint1 has been corrupted. Everyone knows on a certain level that coming to this type of third-dimensional experience is a gift and in that wants the full measure of the lesson to be learned. Hence, no physical plane disturbance is desired.

For example, the angelic vibration will not and in fact cannot interfere with the project of a local being by stepping in and changing the chosen path being followed. In this, the factor of trust must be developed. One must sense when this Guidance world is in play. They must consider the information and discern the outcome potential.

A key to this understanding is the readability in the thoughts conveyed. If a statement is exclusive, with one result alone, and no alternatives are offered, it is almost certain that the ego is interceding and the information is tainted. If the message goes against all your knowing, again ego likely is in play. If you feel trapped by the thought or a sense of foreboding is in the mix, simply return to spirit and ask again.

Trust that spirit will prevail if one uses the weave of love in their questioning. The ego is always exposed by love and it will choose to not act in its presence. Trusting your spirit connection creates a clarity that you are offered possible solutions that expect you to take action. Be remindful that spirit cannot speak independently of your mind, and so it makes sense to trust only what feels right and woven in love.

Trust is a crucial factor in your knowingness. To trust your full knowing is to act with the great confidence towards the outcome. Trust is the central focus in a world devoid of chaos. Trust is the key to understanding that your mission is woven into a greater force than the five senses are capable of seeing fully. The sixth level of experiential or etheric interpretation [i.e., your sixth sense] must be developed to its highest degree.

When the Earth being calls for help, the unseen forces respond immediately with multiple possible scenarios that cause a completion reality. Without trust, the local being will have a hard time feeling the desired response and will most often be led to ignore it.

Trust involves discernment between the unseen forces of light and the ego system. To fully engage in the proficiency of trust, one must have embraced the skill of prayer and meditation. With these skills fully in place, trust is the exacting measure of how to operate on new levels of obtaining a true goal.

The true desire is the removal of all chaotic fabrication in the weave. To operate single-mindedly, one needs to filter all ego participation from the equation. This causes a mastermind of unity on the desired outcome, leaving alternative possibilities without life form. Trust is the formula to exacting the outcome based on interacting with the world that you feel was left behind and the reality of that all is a connected force of adoration. The result of learning the act of trust is a life that defines the reduction of the ego and causes the knowing of love to be in charge of one's destiny.

[Note: This ends the direct transmission of the edict of Mafu. In the final segment of this message, Master Kirael speaks from his own vibrational source about Passion, the third cause of determined evolution.]


KIRAEL: As all evolutionary life will be considered a reflection of the emotional body, the power to cause a desire is a necessary vibration to move one along the path. When passion is dulled by the local brain input, the result is excitement, and in this, a fluctuating pattern rules. This, in turn, causes the mass consciousness to vibrate at a chaotic sound and color vibration, making pure evolution a difficult pattern.

In fact, me friends, if you wanted to visualize the matrix of your current unfolding evolution, you would simply see excitement as the ruling body. The numbers used to align your pattern would appear unbalanced, and in this the numerical sequencing would cause the colors to run together and the tones of unrest become the measure of your growth.

So often does the Earth plane current-day population confuse these two most powerful elements of passion and excitement. In Lemurian time, the act of passion was used to subdue the level of excitement when said level threatened the balanced outcome.

Though contests were almost exclusively waged in the mental weave, they were sometimes used in the presenting of learned skills of the full four-body experience. The Lemurian contests were largely used to measure the balancing or realignment of the full four-bodied system. An example of this was a harmonizing challenge (or as you might refer to it in current-day speak, a game) called the Rudimental Assignment of Polarity Exchange.

This would be where the participants were chosen by their peers to be the contestants in light of their collective balance. In this contest the partakers were allowed to seclude themselves for one turn of the moon--that would be a month by current day's time--with nothing more than scribing equipment and that which they considered life-sustaining substance. Usually this would consist of about 12 liters of liquid and it would amount to one complete meal. The substance would be more than sufficient because the greater part of the assignment time was spent in meditation.

As a simple reminder, in the meditative state of consciousness, the first thing that the participant did was to consciously slow their heartbeat to approximately 18 beats a minute. This caused a rapid reduction of oxygen to the local brain, causing the omni brain to become the guiding force. It also caused the body metabolism to greatly decrease, eliminating the need for sustenance input.

In this particular type of harmonizing challenge, three sets of 12 participants would be selected from thousands of entries. The object of a challenge such as this could be described as the tracking of an exact path of some ancient race or civilization that preceded Lemurian time. The contest would be to pursue the exact path chosen by age-old societies, and to perceive just how their journeys affected current time. Though each race chosen must be considered extinct by the Lemurian standards, it was necessary to discover the exact pattern they used to exist in their incarnation.

For instance, there was a planetary system known as the Arius star system. It was located on the exact opposite end of the current measure called the Milky Way. This planet had literally burned out long before the continent of Lemuria was ever populated. For the Aries, theirs was in truth a most highly technologically advancing society, and in that they were well aware of their planet's coming to an end.

They had almost a full generation to plan their exit and evolutionary patterning, including how they would perpetuate their civilization. They planned to travel the stars in search of a world that would allow for them to unite their travelers as one. This may have been the only thing they did not complete. Hence, the contest of the Lemurian contenders.

What the Arian race did succeed at was the mixing of their DNA with almost every planet they found life on. It mattered not whether they were small or large planets; the Arian traveler would leave a contention of their race to mix with the local population of evolutionary beings. Usually being more highly advanced than their host, they would inevitably take on some sort of leadership role in a very short period.

In this, the participating Lemurian challengers were left to use dimensional travel techniques in conjunction with their telepathic coordinations to discover any systems still permeated by the vibrational signature of the Arius race. Each team of 12 was permitted to study the local universe or planet system that had been interrupted by these beings to see just how far off the evolutionary track these visitations had caused the local population to move.

Here I might be interjecting that the learning from these professed contests is one of the main reasons your current population has refrained from interacting with species of neighboring star systems. The Lemurian contestants revealed through their channelings, auto-scripting, and confirmation by their assigned mediums that whenever a more sophisticated or measurably higher standard of unveiled consciousness was randomly introduced into an evolving society, the interruption was devastating. So you would be seeing that even in what you might consider a competition by current local-brain reasoning was truly an advancement of the species.

In your more current day, most contests are filled with excitement and sprinkled with a small amount of passion. This is why your current-day athlete needs to receive so much money to find a reason to participate in their sport. The passion is usually driven out of them by an early developmental approach that professes the winner is best and no one else matters. Excitement of the moment drives a wedge of separation into the experience, even into the team sport. Excitement causes one to need to be better than all else, even at the cost of bloodshed.

Passion, on the other hand, is the advancement of the whole without need of individual recognition. Passion is the need to feel so deeply woven into the fabric of potential outcome that it serves all to be in what is called "the win." And there is another reality that you can focus upon when you understand that wars are started in excitement and ended in passion. The excitement of escalation causes one to forget the Four Pillars of the Ten Principles of Consciously Creating.2

In excitement, for instance, it is difficult to remember to pray for something like "may all come out in the best manner for everyone included." It is almost impossible to meditate and use the energy of excitement to program your sleepstate. And because mastermind works solely on a loving outcome, there is little use of such a practice in war-like contests. This is why wars and violence are allowed to fester for so long.

When passion is finally observed, the need to be the sole winner is lost and a more equitable state of consciousness prevails. Whatever starts out in excitement must be fully energized into passion, or its days are numbered from the very start. Even if the timetable lives for millenniums, excitement will turn to passion and the desire of the one Creator will always prevail.

This concludes the first edict of the Three Causes of Determined Evolution, as scripted by one of the great minds responsible for the perpetuation of evolution.

As a reminder, it would be in your best interest to evaluate your current evolutionary period in light of the unfolding of these words. And in that measure, your potential to experience the Great Shift in Consciousness becomes that much stronger. Though these three causes were written in the First Life period [of the Lemurian evolutionary experience], they remained valuable into the very end of the Lemurian existence.3

'Tis me hopes, me friends, that in these writings each will learn to control the conscious thought. If each will concentrate on the thought permeated by love, as opposed to fear, they will find themself in constant unfolding of evolution. Fear, me friends, is the matrix tool of holding the veil in place. 'Tis their advantage in keeping you from discovering the art of love, for it is in their reasoning that if you allow that concept of love to remain an airy-fairy term, they will perpetuate their blend of control.

Risking the possibilities of sounding a bit controversial, I remind you that the powers that be would like each to believe that they are the final answer. They would like nothing more than to have you continue to believe that only a select few are the only ones allowed to speak directly to the God Creator. They would also have you believe that an even lesser, finite group of political leaders are in control of all government outcomes.

This shift that the human population is seeking can only be brought to light when We the People of Earth take back the knowing that peace is empowered by healing the ills that fear perpetuates. One simple reason, me friends, that the Ten Principles of Consciously Creating your world are not plastered all over the planet is the following statement, sanctioned by the freedom of a world in peace:

To understand truth causes a trust to invoke a passion to move things from fear to love. In this, clarity will rule all communications and all will desire to complete each journey. These completions cause the need to expend even more knowingness to further the experience of being human. Through the art of prayer, you will be constantly reminded that a dialogue is in fact not only possible but necessary to commune with the unseen forces of Light.

In this perpetuated manner, you'll also regain a skill that you have used for all measured time as you awaken to the world of meditation. In this, you will remember the potentials of your listening skills and begin anew in hearing the masters speak. To enhance the amount of time available to evolve, each will begin to use their sleepstate programming to ensure the highest outcome desired. Using a greater part of a 24-hour clock, my friends, opens to the possibility for greater exploration.

All of this combined, you will move towards a worldwide mastermind that through the desire to omit fear and search for love, peace on Earth will prevail. Your world will shift to the knowing that there are no excuses necessary, and through consciously creating your journey's needs, never will it be complicated again.

* * * * * * * * *

1 Blueprint - the life plan of an incarnate being
2 The Four Pillars - Prayer, Meditation, Sleepstate Programming and Masterminding
3 According to Master Kirael, there were three periods of the Lemurian era: First Life, Common Time, and Transition.

© 2005 Fred Sterling

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