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A Message from Kahu Fred Sterling...


What is a Spiritualist Church?

 What is a spiritualist church? Is it about being airy-fairy or the mystical powers of ancient societies or is it just people trying to figure things out? It just might be about all of that.

We have no dogma in this church, unless you call love dogma. The ministers of this church are not required to confine themselves to speaking about Master Jesus and his gifts. If I want to talk about Master Buddha and his power of healing or Quan Yin and her energy of mercy or the Christ Consciousness as an energy rather than a being that is entirely acceptable. Our ministers have free reign to choose a spiritual topic as long as it is chosen in love.

We are a church that believes in healing outside the realms of the doctor world. That means that what we venture to do is entirely up to you. We are willing to heal everything from a hangnail to a cancerous tumor to a broken heart or a mental disorder. We are willing to go to the depths of the spiritual world to find an answer, because we are aware that in the end, healing is a matter of choice, your choice.

All are invited to enjoy and participate in our church service with only one caveat: that you find it in your heart to come from love. As long as you're coming from love, we know that healing is possible.

This is your church, the people’s church. You are our reason for being. Join us and heal.


Kahu Fred


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