New Kirael
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Master Guide Kirael on Photon Energy

Master Guide Kirael, through the gift of mediumship of Kahu Fred Sterling

Each part of the human is rising at its own vibrational pace now. Some are rising at a rapid rate, and some are not. What I am about to divulge today may not be for the ears of every human being, for some will still need to hold on to the third dimensional experience, while others will be willing to test their own reality and move into a light of which they are not totally aware. They will wish to look into things that they have only dared to dream about in the past. They will open themselves up to a new way of seeing their own reality.

We will speak this day of photon energies and how they interact with humanity, but we must start from a simple plane. If you in the human world would for the moment recognize that your physical body is only a vehicle to maneuver you through a beautiful motion of light that the Creator, through its own love, has created, called the Earth plane, you will see that you are, in the most beautiful sense of the word, a product of Creator light. You are a Creator force of light. 

Your journey to open up on this Earth plane is only beginning. Though you have spent millennia trying to deliver onto your planet the most beautiful human experience that you could, you are now aligned to move into an arena where the energy by which you exist will be seen as light. You may even go so far as to look at your photon energy, breaking it down to its ultimate particle value, and understanding that, in quantum energy, the photon cell can transfer energy from one end of the universe to the other end of the universe without diminishing itself.

How can it do this? It operates on the light lines of particle-ization. One photon cell can send its energy from one end of the universe to the other, connect to another photon cell and deliver the same mass of energy that it had when it started.

Let us consider the human brain. Your scientists have told you that you use approximately 10 percent of your brain for your thought processing. Well, the first thing I would like you to do is not associate thought with the brain because no one to my knowledge has ever opened up a brain and found a thought inside of it. The brain acts much like a computer.  It receives the light of its higher self, that which is designated to watch over your physical presence. Your right brain is where all of the beauty, the music, the harmony, the light colors, the envisioning of all that you ever want to be originates. Your left brain is the methodical essence that walks you through this endeavor called the physical world.

You of the human world walk around in a huge void of energy that surrounds you at all times. That void must always be filled because it is the cosmic law of your universe. What you fill it with is one of two processes. You fill it with the ego self, which is the 10 percent thinking process that imagines you to be limited, or you fill it with the essential light, your 90 percent higher vibration, the part of you which most have chosen to ignore.

As we help you understanding the photon energy, you are aware that for quite some time something is amss--the reality that you can actually focus the right brain. You not only can focus it, but you can bring it into the 10 percent mind and automatically raise your vibration, which would therefore automatically raise the DNA strands within which you are currently operating.

I have told you in the signature cell process that upon your designation to come to Earth, you choose as closely as you can the parental structure which best suits your journey. As soon as the sperm and the egg come together, you "in-lighten" your signature cell - we can even call it your photon cell - which will eventually be stored in the pineal gland.  The pineal gland is the center point of activity between your left and right brain. It is the center of all that you do between spirit and physical.

This photon cell, or signature cell, or God cell is a high vibrating expanse of light so minute that you cannot detect it. However, you must understand that it is the light source of you which controls every part of your reality. When you think you are limited by the physical expression, you will be led to see the other extreme where you are limitless in what we call the etheric light.

Your energy pattern is the connected force of all light. You are a vision, my friend. You are the light of all lights, and you move to that experience by the light. Photon energy iwill carry your Earth plane forth in the most dynamic of light sources. It is the one thing, the one particle, that is held only by the force of the God Creator. It is the one energy that you can use to expand your light into whatever levels of consciousness you choose.

Hence, you find yourself as non-physical but experiencing this dimension to a physical vibration. In the part of you which is not physical, i.e., the light particle (that beautiful cell of photon energy that is God Light incarnate), you will find an experience that shall take you to a limitless world.

The day you are no longer striving to be better than another, the day you strive to be better collectively, the day you no longer wish to see that I am a male or I am a female, but you collectively source yourself as light, you will see the harmony and the value of being human. You will see why you are so beautifully loved by your Creator. You will come to a greater clarity that the world and your life will never end, that life is not limited, but the experience of the human being is. So you will use that time with the highest of your potential.

You may quell the human experience through death, but like the astronauts who left the Earth plane on February 1, 2003, you will never be out of life. When your light particle is completely free of the physical experience, it does not sorrow, it does not cry; it does nothing but love, for it has loved every moment of the experience its physical body has gone through. It has seen itself in the highest of its potential and awaits its turn to receive another incarnation. In that light, my friends, you are eternal. In that space you can remember.

Let yourself remember in this incarnation that the Great Shift in consciousness is the one level for which you have waited so long to use a physical presence while experiencing the totality of your light expression. In the Shift, you will find a version of life beyond compare, for it is the experience of beauty. Here you know the Creator's source, and here you no longer live in fear, for you know only the world of love.

It is the promise of the Creator to turn this beautiful Earth into one of the highest vibrating dimensional stopovers for humanity and all other life forms. So be part of it, my friends. Do not look at your limits; look at your potentials. See the potentials of being light, then you will endeavor into new escapades that will fill your every moment with the ecstasy of love itself.

Q: How does prana breathing and the photon energy affect the healing journey of the individual in this respect?

KIRAEL:  Here is something I have not shared before. When energy is drawn through the crown chakra by the practice of prana breathing, photon particles are also drawn into the cell we call the God cell, the Creator Light cell, or whatever you feel comfortable calling it.  Scientists like to look at it as a photon cell.

The photon light particles are an exact vibratory match to the God cell in your pineal gland, hence, that signature cell registers with the new energy. It looks for any cellular amassing that is not vibrating to the highest of the human experience. In essence, it looks for disoriented cell mass and guides the photon presence to that area. So, if during healing, you bring the forces of light to that space by prana breathing, the photon will bring prana light to it, along with a great quantity of photon light energy. This collection of pranic and photonic energy will in-lighten and heal the mass.

However, you must understand that the mass of disoriented cells of which we speak had its beginnings in one mystical cell that started this particular process. This mystic cell --we call it mystic because it is still a mystery to you how it manages to control and collect like energies to it--within the mass is almost immune to photon energy. The photon must show the magical part of the signature cell, which is the divine reminder of its own perfection, what it was before it became disoriented.

Through the energy of the photon, through the energy of the prana light and through the directed energy thought of the healer, once those three things come together, all of the forces go into motion to correct and reorient the cell to the physical world.

Remember in my opening statement I said that a product of Light such as photon light or cellular light can project itself across the universe. Well, during some surgeries, while the doctor removes that mass of cells, the disoriented mystic cell projects its energy into another cell in the body and waits for the doctor to complete the surgery, then reunites itself. Hence, it has not been healed.

I don't know how much of this you understand, but one day it will be clear to you that through prayer, meditation, energy healing, and the Ten Principles, people can be healed. When you combine the healing energies of the Earth plane, which is your doctor world, with that of your etheric plane, which is what you are, healing can take place. This is also why some people will heal while others will not. Can you understand? What I have just shown you is how the photon energy, the prana energy, the healer and the doctor can come together in four-body healing.

Q:  Could I go directly to the signature cell or God cell in the pineal gland and talk to the dis-eased area of the body to enhance the healing process?

KIRAEL: Absolutely. By activating the pineal gland where your God cell exists, you can be in complete communication, not only with the physical presence of who you are, but with the higher part of you, the essential light of you. This is why I have said time and time again, it is good to activate the pineal gland through prana breathing before you start all of your healing journeys. Once you activate this and it recognizes that you are here to heal, it works with the cells outside of the mass to reflect light back into the mass and onto the mystical cell. Hence, you will have immediate healing.

Remember, the healing journey depends on the strength of the mass and the intensity of the lesson plan.  That is what will determine whether you will heal the mass or not. Also, remember that in the same token of light, the mystical cell knows it is to create and to grow the mass. However, if you have a healer working with that person and the healer actually retains so much light in the other cells, the mystical cell will have a difficult time recruiting dis-eased cells. Hence, it slows the growth. By reactivating and maintaining a vigilant energy force on the pineal gland, you will see that you can reverse the development of the mass.

Q:  Then can a person heal himself by just doing the prana breathing without a healer?

KIRAEL:  It is possible, yet I grant you that the average person usually goes into panic when told he has a mass in his body. This fear then influences the will and the word, which helps the mass find energy for the mystical cell. So, it is unlikely that you are going to do it too well by yourself, although you can, absolutely, but you won't, as well.

Q:  Could you explain the difference between prana light, photon energy and the light that the healer might channel?

KIRAEL: My first response would be that it is impossible to explain the difference since they are all Creator Force, all the Light of Creation. The greatest desire for the Creator Force is to create. Hence, it develops its own forms of energy, which are used in many ways. The photon energy of the Creator carries the source of information. The prana light carries the source of activity. The healer light carries the source of blending of all other lights.

Q: I know that the photon energy is involved in some way with the Great Shift and the three days of darkness, but I'm not sure how. Does it simply herald it, or does it initiate it or actually cause the three days of darkness and all of the physical changes on the Earth plane, including the ascension of humanity? It seems that this energy has a kind of intelligence of its own.  Is it a living entity like Mother Earth? Does it have that kind of vitality?

KIRAEL: Absolutely. Every particle of photon energy can think. Every particle of photon energy can evolve. Every photon particle is a particle of the Creator Source. Hence, it has, like you, a higher self--the Creator. Photon particles are powerful energies, and yes, they can accumulate thought and they can retain memory far greater than all of the gray matter in your head, because it knows it is not a brain. It knows it is the Light. Photon can think and direct itself to work in whatever way is needed. In essence, it may be the highest form of intelligence because it doesn't pretend to be.

As to your question whether it is "causing" the three days of darkness, it is causal and effect. By that I mean it is not the true cause, but it is the energy by which the cause will filter itself. The Creator is the true cause, but the effect will come through the vibration being carried on the photon energy.

With regard to the three days of darkness, if the three days of darkness resulted because an ice shield formed between you and your sun, you would be lost. Since it is the photon energy that will cause the disruption of your sun's rays, your experience will not be catastrophic. The photon energy is a thinking light, and it will send enough energy through to make sure that the human experience is still available to do the journey.

Q:  Knowing that the photon energy is a conscious source of energy with a memory and a higher self, does that mean I can direct it as the conscious creator of my life through masterminding and sleep-state programming?

KIRAEL: Absolutely. Remember, a photon cell can deliver its thoughts the length of the universe. Can you direct your higher self to communicate with another higher self? You bet you can.

Q:  So are you saying that in my own thought process I can direct additional photon energy from light years away to bring forth additional energy I would like to send to someone suffering from an ailment?

KIRAEL:  You won't be the first to do that.  Of course, the last person to do that was put on a cross. It can be done. It has been done. You must get far past your ego.  You have to be almost ego-less, because what you are really playing God, which you are. You have to remember that there are people who use this Earth experience to return to the angelic realm. If you interrupt their program by pulling the full force of the photon energy onto your own energy force and using yourself as a conduit to bring it into them, you will disrupt their plan. This is why you only bring in what you can use by the standards of your higher self and the higher self of the one being healed. They know what they want to do. The answer is a simple yes, yet it is a very involved yes. Hopefully, you got it.

Q: As the levels of photon energy increase across the planet, how will that affect the evolution of the human world?

KIRAEL:  The photon energy floating across Mother Earth allows for the consciousness particle--the signature cell or the photon cell-- to release hold of the physical vibration. Hence, those of the human light who cannot deal with the new light forces will choose to "departicle-ize" themselves and return to the Creator.


Perhaps you are thinking that I am bringing much more information than I have ever brought before. Well, you are bringing much better questions than you have brought before.

I have knowledge beyond counting, but I can only deliver it when the request is there. So keep yourself in growth. Keep expanding. Don't live a day without the Ten Principles of Conscious Creation because every time you fulfill a bit of your huge experience, you give me the opportunity to bring you a new experience. Hence, endless limitless knowledge is available to you if you just keep experiencing so I can bring in some more. Until we have that opportunity, I hold you in the light of Creation.